A strong brand identity is critical to the success of organisations like Agee Care. This is because Agee is all about delivering the best care whenever a healthcare organisation needs it most. It provides exceptional nursing and support professionals to the NHS and similar community care facilities across the UK. This means that image, as well as reputation, are paramount.

As you can imagine then, there was a big issue with Agee’s brand. It looked confused and lacked confidence. And it certainly didn’t reflect the brilliant service that Agee offered within the Healthcare sector. This was definitely not good then for a company relying on presenting a good image to prospective clients!

So this is how we fixed the problem. To start with we conducted a brand workshop to get a more thorough understanding of the business and what sets it apart from its competitors. Out of these findings came a friendlier, softer, more caring identity. After all, Agee prides itself on being responsive, agile and able to help people in need quicker than its competitors. Everyone therefore agreed that this had to be the cornerstone of the new brand identity. We opted for a heart and hands symbol because it best represented how Agee really does look after individuals when they need it most. In support of this, we suggested a strap line ‘Care around your World’ which reflects how Agee offers a personal, bespoke service to its customers. Clearly, given that everyone has a different need or requirement, this theme had to be at the core of the new ID.

From here we designed the new brand. We introduced a fresh contemporary colour palette, as well as key messaging and graphic icons to compliment the new identity. In addition, there is now a new engaging and informative website. Since then the new brand has been really well received by Agee and its audience. That’s because the new image and personality now reflect the business and its core values. Finally, the business has a brand that will help it too flourish, not simply just grow.