A successful brand should be born out of a strong company ethos but sometimes a business loses touch with its values. For Ask Training, who run virtual and face to face training courses around medical learning and knowledge, this was exactly the case. They pride themselves on providing unparalleled customer service. And everything they do is rooted in passion and energy and the ability to encourage and enable people to be their best.

But these attributes weren’t evident in the business identity – neither the brand nor its messaging reflected the Ask Training ethos. In today’s competitive healthcare sector, this could threaten the company’s future so its owners asked for our help.

To help them we needed to dig deeper. We started by hosting a detailed brand workshop with the business partners where we discovered one of Ask Training’s greatest assets. This was its passion and energy within the training environment. Interacting like this with students creates a fantastic environment for people to be immersed in the power of engaged learning. Consequently, this provided the catalyst for the new identity. So we storyboarded our ideas and then chose the concept that worked best.

We opted for the forward arrow device. This was chosen because we all felt it perfectly reflected the way Ask thinks and behaves. Underlined by the strapline ‘Press Achieve’, the new logo reflects the core values that the business was built upon. It’s all about moving people forward. After that, new messaging, Tone of Voice, imagery, graphic assets were developed creating a powerful brand that stands out in the marketplace. This new brand identity moves away from the more obvious branding of many training organisations that are out there. Ask Training is now quite obviously a business that is dedicated to achieving great results for its students. It’s evident in the business and it’s evident in the brand. Both are now aligned and moving Ask Training in the right direction at last.