How to build your brand in the middle of a global pandemic

Science says it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit. This suggests that you should be used to the ‘new normal’ by now. You should be developing your brand during this global pandemic in different ways.

But have you really adapted your behaviour since the ‘new normal’ reshaped the UK economy? Or are you just rolling with the punches until there are fewer unknowns. Realistically, can any of us still continue to build our brands while so much hangs in the balance?

There’s so much uncertainty that many of us are reluctant to change because some of the new ways of working might not stick around. This is especially true if it means investing your time and money.

So, as brand consultants, we decided to look at things we think you can take as ‘given’. We’re sure there are three new habits worth adopting for the long term. That’s because we still believe that your brand can grow from strength to strength. We’ll talk you through them now.

Habit 1

Raise your digital profile

We know there has been a seismic shift to digitalisation and e-commerce. ONS statistics in February this year showed that online sales increased to a record level in January 2021 reaching 35.2%. This was up from 29.6% in December 2020 and was far higher than the 19.5% in January 2020, reflecting the impact the pandemic has had on consumer behaviours.

These figures underline why boosting your online business presence has never been more important and will be pivotal in the fight to survive this crisis. It’s a move that we think is definitely worth making.

Habit 2

Promote your purpose and values

We know that consumers are acting differently. We’re buying online from brands we trust – those that show they care about us and the environment. Your brand identity, purpose and values as a business have always been crucial to success.

This will always be the norm and is another given in these strange times. So make sure your customers know what you stand for and why they should choose your services.  

Revisit your brand identity and make sure it’s working for you across all your communication channels. Improving social engagement and showing authenticity are the things to focus on here. 81% of customers say trust in the brand is a key buying factor since the pandemic. 

Habit 3

Improve customer experience

We know that the way we interact with our customers has to change. Satisfaction ratings are at their worst since 2015, according to the Institute of Customer Service

People want to deal with real people that understand their needs and are willing to show their human side. More consumers are also prepared to walk away from a brand they love because of just one bad experience.

So this is the right time to get to know your customers, to find new ways to connect and to gather feedback. Make it easy for them to contact you, really listen to their ideas and suggestions, find ways to make them smile and put things right if you can when things go wrong.

Simple but effective steps you can take right now. Getting into the right customer service habits will always be the right thing to do. Some things will never change!

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