How to keep your brand real and relevant

If your brand is authentic, people will buy your products and services. It’s as simple as that!

But making sure that your brand is real and relevant isn’t that easy. It takes time and effort to build an identity that stays the distance – especially in these very challenging times.

So here are two things that we genuinely believe will work for your brand. 

Shout about your values

Our number one ‘must-do’ is to make sure that your purpose and values are clear in everything you do.

So, firstly, make sure that you and everyone who works with you understands your brand DNA. This means what you stand for and what makes your business different from the rest.

Then try to find ways to amplify your values in your social media activity and your day-to-day interactions. Your brand needs to live and breathe as if it was a person. And social media activity is one of the best ways to do this.

Basically, if you say you care, then show you care. If you promise to go the extra mile, then do exactly that. And, if you claim to offer the best service in town, then make sure you do.

This is because words are cheap but actions aren’t. Every time you connect with a customer, it’s called a ‘moment of truth’.

So get it right and your customers will come back for more. But get it wrong and they will go elsewhere and, worse still, they will steer people away from your business. Then what? Your customer ratings will drop and so will your profits.

Show your human side

Our second suggestion is to dial down the marketing hype and have genuine conversations. Ditch the email and telephone scripts and let your people be themselves.

This is because we’ve been through so much during the global pandemic that trusted relationships have become crucially important.

After all, being human is the one thing we all have in common you don’t need to be afraid to be real.

So be honest and make things right if something goes wrong. Ask people what you can do better and do something positive with your customer feedback.

These little interactions make a huge difference when it comes to brand loyalty and, in turn, how this is affecting the bottom line.

But, if you need proof, there are stacks of new statistics showing how buying habits are changing. Yes, more of us really are favouring ethical businesses that are prepared to show their human side.

Here’s a blog we found particularly interesting when we were looking for facts to back up what we’re saying.

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