Why PR is the driving force behind your brand

You must understand the basics of PR if you want your brand to grab people’s attention and, ultimately, succeed.

But, firstly, what do we mean by PR? Let’s focus our attention on some simple definitions that should help.  

In simple terms, PR (Public Relations) is about reputation. Every single business that has ever been created has relied on its reputation to win and retain custom.

And, often, it’s bad publicity that has seen some big players eventually go from hero to zero. Here’s a great example and, no, it’s not Boris, Prince Andrew, or the FIFA world cup!


OK then, PR is about credibility and getting talked about for the right reasons. The defining factor here is social responsibility. Consumers want to know three things:

  1. Is this business ethical?
  2. Does it care about people and the planet?
  3. Is it telling the truth?

If you don’t know what we mean by DEI, then you really should as this is still taking centre stage in consumer world. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is at the core of many emerging influential brands.

So, how does all this fit in when you’re building your brand? We think PR is important to your business because:  

  • You have to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace
  • The ‘eight second consumer concentration’ rule – you are competing for attention
  • PR helps to build your digital profile and your brand
  • New and informative web content helps to improve your Google search rankings
  • Today’s buying habits – people buy from ethical brands that connect with the things they value
  • You need to lead the conversation with the right audiences – show your expertise in your field

And here are our six giveaways on how to create great PR for your business:

  • Tell your brand story by gathering genuine customer testimonials and case studies that underline your ethics
  • Build a website that’s easy to use and keep it updated
  • Drive people to your website though your social media channels
  • Write a blog that is helpful and informative – share your know-how
  • Send e-news to your customers and contacts – a great way to build your database, keep in touch and promote your special offers/events etc
  • Ask your customers for feedback – use the good stuff to prove your value, deal with the bad stuff to make you better

Hope Creative can help with all of this and more! Just ask and we’ll be happy to give you some advice.