Things you need to know about video marketing

Your business will benefit if you add video content to your marketing mix. That’s pretty indisputable. 

You can tell your brand story and show people exactly what you’re all about. Video captivates and engages with your audience; it entertains and educates. 

We wrote about this in a recent blog but there’s a lot more  going on now that needs sharing. 

2024 is emerging as the year when video marketing really becomes central to promoting our businesses. Everyone’s talking about adding it to their social media posts, blogs, and product pages on their websites.

But you need to be aware that Google has changed the way it ranks video. It has significantly reduced the number of video thumbnails that appear on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Videos that don’t form the main content of a page don’t feature any more.

This means that you need to make sure your business is found with relevant video content that still ranks and it’s important to stay up to date with Google manoeuvres. As we know, things change fast in digital marketing.

So what else is new in video land? What are the trends we’re expecting in 2024 and beyond?

New video trends to explore

  • It’s all about Artificial Intelligence. 75% of businesses are using AI for marketing videos and over 90% have already seen a positive return on their investment, according to latest AI statistics.
  • Newsletters will see more video content. Emails will too. It’s a great way to show customers how your products and services can help them. They get to experience everything without reading through wordy text documents and brochures. Makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Just look at your LinkedIn feed for the evidence.
  • Real people will feature. There’s a job for the influencers but this isn’t it. Video cries out for you, your team and your partners in front of the camera instead. It doesn’t just highlight the value of your products or services, it shows the real people behind it. This helps to win trust and breed loyalty. If you’re a start-up this is definitely for you because it’s quick, easy and affordable. 
  • Short form isn’t going anywhere. Anything less than 60 seconds is short form. It’s great because it’s easy to digest and therefore easy to remember. Don’t forget how much our attention span has changed now that we live in a wall-to-wall world of so much stuff to read, watch and share. There are some great examples on YouTube TikTok and Instagram. 
  • It’s not about sound. More and more consumers are interacting with social video content without sound. We like to take a quiet peek at work, on the train, while we’re waiting at the checkout and when we’re in bed. There are more tools now available to make silent videos more effective and AI is coming into its own here too. 

There are some excellent examples of brands using video storytelling to promote what they sell. Check out this bog, courtesy of Vidico:

That’s it for now but if you want to know more you can reach out on our socials or contact us in the usual ways. We’re always happy to help.