Why creating a healthy workplace must be on your business to-do list

Every business is only as good as its workforce. So, right now, you should be looking after your people as a key priority. If you’re not doing this, then things will only get worse. 

Let’s look at the latest statistics on employee satisfaction and, be warned, they’re grim!

According to these stats, stress levels are at an all-time high and workers say they feel sad, angry and anxious.

Gallup’s State of the Global Workforce 2022 report states that people are burnt out because of unmanageable workloads. It says they feel unfairly treated and are disengaged because of poor communication from their leaders.


Staff are already worn down after the global pandemic. Now nearly half of UK workers say they can’t manage on their current income because of the cost of living. 

This all makes for sober reading but we can fix some of these things. Here’s what we think you can and should do to create a healthy working environment.

Connect people to your culture

Your workplace should be defined by shared ethics, beliefs and attitudes. It engenders a team spirit and a sense of belonging. You can weld your people to your culture by bringing it to life through graphics and messaging. Strong visuals backed up by the right words are a powerful communication tool.

Show people they are valued

Satisfaction at work isn’t just about pay and promotion. It’s about feeling appreciated and listened to because everyone matters. The only way you can do this is if your internal communication channels are effective. They have to be two-way and based on trust, not sound bites. Engagement audits need to be carried out regularly and acted upon.

Share the right information at the right time

As a leader, you must invest your time in telling everyone what’s going on especially through tough times like these. Again, you need to have tried and tested communication channels in place. And your messages have to be authentic. People will see through anything that is contrived. Do you have senior leaders around you with proven communication skills?

Shout about your success stories

Don’t just talk about the good stuff with your senior team and key customers; celebrate your wins with the whole workforce. People feel a sense of pride and feel that they have played their part when they hear good news. Use your social hub and even the office walls to tell your stories. 

Say thank you to your staff

Never underestimate the power of these two little words. And, if you say it publicly through your comms channels, people will really feel connected to your culture. Easy to do and all it costs is your time. So make sure it’s a given in your communication strategy.

Invest in skills and training

This is a tricky thing to do when profits aren’t great but there are ways to empower your teams without breaking the bank. Think about job buddies and mentors and tap into that amazing pool of talent you already have within your organisation. Earlier this year, a survey showed that 70% of UK employees want to upskill. You can share knowledge in an online staff handbook which will save you money on print costs.  

According to the latest CIPD findings, recruitment and retention remain strong and employment confidence is still high despite talk of a UK recession.


So it’s not all doom and gloom. Hopefully these ideas will help you to navigate your business successfully through the rest of this turbulent year. And, don’t forget, we can help with your internal communications. Our team is just a phone call or email away