Why effective communication at work is the key to business success

If you want to run a successful business, you must communicate effectively with your staff. This is especially true now given the current challenges of the post-pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine and cost of living crisis.

Wellbeing research conducted earlier this year stated that only 33% of UK employees felt they belonged to their organisation. The 2022 trends for IC and what to expect from us | Industry News (ioic.org.uk)

This means two thirds of people are feeling disconnected and alienated, which all adds to your burden as an employer or HR professional.

Yes, it’s tough trying to motivate yourself sometimes, let alone the people who work for you so here’s how you can boost morale in your workplace.

Firstly, always remember that your staff are your greatest business asset. They are the people who interact most with your customers and how they behave really matters if you want people to stay loyal to your brand.

According to recent consumer surveys, 88% of buyers stick by a brand that they think is authentic. And nearly half of them will pay more for products and services from a brand they trust.

10 Branding Statistics You Need to Know in 2022 [Infographic] (oberlo.co.uk)

These statistics show just how important it is for your employees to live and breathe your brand ethics. How they engage with your customers will make or break your business.

So how do you keep your people motivated and ‘on message’ when the going gets rough?

Start a conversation with your staff

Listen and talk to your staff. Find out what they’re thinking, what issues are critical to their mental and physical wellbeing at work. Ask how you can support them.

If you want a glimpse at their current mindset, this link is worth checking out. State of the Global Workplace Report – Gallup

Ask for feedback on specific issues

Get feedback on specific issues if people have recently returned to your office after months of working from home. You can ask:

  1. Do they like working remotely or is a hybrid approach best for them?
  • Do they still feel cared for by you as their employer?
  • Are they still on board when it comes to your brand ethics and company purpose?
  • What employee benefits do they think are missing from your job offer?
  • How could you improve the way you communicate with them at work?
  • Do they still feel enthused, motivated, and engaged?

Include questions like these in a ‘Welcome Back’ survey. If people are still working remotely, conduct a regular ‘Keep in touch’ survey.

But you must act on your findings. Tell people what you plan to do, ask for their input whenever you can and be transparent about the outcomes.

Reinforce your vision

Find out if your employees understand your business road map. Do they still know what your company stands for and do they still connect with your ethos?

It’s time to refresh your brand messages and reinforce your vision. Here are our ideas on how you can do this:

  • Desktop video alerts from your leadership team
  • Visuals such as posters and banners in common workplace areas
  • Message walls for staff to create their own brand stories
  • Bite-size brand books and staff handbooks
  • Internal social networks
  • Digital newsletters

Here’s another useful link if you want to know more: Internal Communications Trends for 2022 and Beyond (linkedin.com)

And don’t forget that we’re here too. We can help you to plan your internal communications more effectively and we offer bespoke training and mentoring. Why not get in touch for a chat?