Core values, trust, branding

Do customers value your brand?

Trust has always been important to customers and we’re now told that 70% of people are buying from a business because of its values. 86% of consumers will only support authentic brands.

The global pandemic has helped to drive this shift which is why we should all be focussing on social connections, meaningful relationships and keeping it real.

Being a force for good and showing customers that we genuinely care will keep our businesses relevant during these strange and uncertain times. We must think about ways to surprise people with small acts of kindness and show the human side of business.

So, if doing ethical business is the new benchmark, how do we know we’re one of the good guys? If the answer to all of these questions is, yes, then you’re going in the right direction:

  • Are the things you value evident in everything you do?
  • Do you gather feedback and act on it – good or bad?
  • Do the people you work with share your ethics?

Right now we need to do more. We need to give people a reason to do business with us by living the values we sign up to and by winning trust and appreciation for what we do. We need to improve our service offer and communication channels. We need to show that we’re still relevant.

If our brand values are clear and connect with people, then we won’t just survive, we’ll thrive.