Michael Ashtiany is a voice over artist working with brands such as Sainsbury’s, Spotify and PayPal at his Manchester-based studio. He was trading successfully under his own name but came to us wanting a new identity. Michael thought it could help his business to stand out more.

Why the change? The voice over industry is very competitive and many people use their own name for their business ID. So, as you can imagine, we had to create a brand that was different. We also needed to make sure that it reflected Michael’s unique style and personality.

We carried out a brand health check where we got to know Michael and more about what he was trying to achieve by changing the company name. Michael then subscribed to our designMybrand service, which helps start-ups and small businesses. We created a storyboard of new name ideas with straplines and concepts for the new identity. And, after talking it all through with Michael, we came up with Flavour supported by a strapline.

The creative thinking behind the new name was to attract attention with a cool and modern-looking visual identity. You can see from the new logo shown below that the letters VO for Voice Over stand out in blue and a ‘play button’ sits inside the letter ‘O’. Michael now has a new voice in a crowded market and a new identity that has definitely got people talking about his brand.