How we developed our brand story with a new-look website

We’ve been blogging recently about the importance of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability if you want your business to succeed.  

And, as brand creators, we must practice what we preach. So, with that in mind, we put our own brand through a rigorous health check.

We do this with our clients as part of our tried and tested approach to building great brands. We help to diagnose problems and then suggest remedies as part of our Brand Doctor service.

Firstly, we looked at our purpose and the promises we make to our customers. We asked the three questions we advise our customers to ask themselves:  

  1. Does this business have a clear purpose other than just making money?
  2. Does this business look after people and its local community?
  3. Does this business care about the planet and its future?

Next we revisited our ethics to make sure that we remain true to them and can evidence them with our actions. If your business isn’t built on solid principles that you genuinely believe in, it simply won’t thrive.

Then we checked out our messaging to make sure that we communicate clearly and effectively.

Our findings showed we had some work to do on developing our brand story. That’s because brands never stop evolving. We must work hard to keep our brands relevant in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

We knew we needed to evidence areas where we’re trying to work more sustainably such as reducing our carbon footprint.   

Also, our messages had to be clearer and our commitment to caring for people and our planet had to be more evident.

One way to achieve this would be to revamp our website and so this is what we did.

Our aim was to simplify things and to underline the things that matter most to us as a business.

This meant rewriting content, repackaging our service offering and rethinking the imagery we were going to use on the website.

Making the right connections

We wanted to make a connection with people by showing how we work collaboratively and creatively in a relaxed atmosphere.

So, we turned to experienced Midlands photographer Graham Oakes, our long-standing associate, on a trade for trade basis. We help him and he helps us. Simple!

It was a case of creative minds coming together to create something great.

Graham suggested the Jewellery Quarter, an historic Birmingham landmark, for the photoshoot. It’s a place where people come together to share their ideas.

It was a cold but sunny winter’s day and we needed a hot drink to get the creative juices flowing. So we set up our session at Urban, coffee house in the Big Peg and then Graham went to work.

We’ve collaborated for many years so working together is second nature. It’s all about teamwork and a shared sense of trust in one another’s skills.  

No wonder the results were exactly what we wanted. A big thanks to Graham for doing what he does best. If you think we can help you to develop your brand story, please get in touch.