Five ways to improve your online brand presence

If there’s one thing every business should have learned through lockdown, it’s the importance of having an online brand presence.

That’s because doing business digitally is here to stay. But if you’re not convinced, there are some pretty compelling statistics emerging.

Yes, no matter which survey you read, it appears that over 80% of people read online reviews before they buy.

And over 80% now search for a product or service online. For the purposes of our research, we checked out 

So the high street might be opening back up again, thankfully, but the buying experience definitely starts online.

This means improving your digital presence is a must so we’ve come up with some key pointers which might help.

  • Be visible

Firstly, help your customers to find you. Build a captivating website so that search engines can easily find your products and services.

And, remember, it must work on mobile devices because this is where people do their research.

This is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, which sounds complicated. That’s right, it isn’t easy to get your head around but it’s so important.  

  • Be valuable

Our second tip is to make sure that your website is engaging and useful for your customers. For example, share your expertise and offer advice – it’s not about the ‘big sell’.

Writing a blog post and sharing it on your social media channels is a great way to do this.

Or, sending your customers an e-newsletter they can sign up to is another great way of showing your value.

Whatever you do, the content must be helpful to them, not a sales pitch.

Also, make sure people can see that your business is legitimate, caring and authentic. This means having clear brand values and purpose.

  • Be sociable

Thirdly, you should connect and interact using social media platforms that suit your business offer. However, you must think about this in a strategic way.

Any channels you choose must be specifically useful for your line of business, so do your homework. And don’t forget, it’s about quality, not quantity.

It’s also really important to show your human side. Today’s consumer wants to know you personally – they expect you to be their friend and they want a conversation. So keep it real.  

  • Be active

Tip number four is all about your brand. That’s because strong and healthy brands live and breathe by being busy online.

This means investing time in your website, your social media channels and your digital marketing.

It’s important to schedule a specific slot into your business week and to stick to it religiously.

Basically, engaging regularly is the difference between building your online profile and actually having an online presence.

  • Be different

And so on to our final pointer. One thing that hasn’t changed when it comes to marketing your business is being unique. That’s why it’s so important to develop and understand what we call your market differentiators.

In simple terms, this means showing customers why they should buy from you.

What do you do differently from your competitors? Essentially, this is your brand DNA and this is the bedrock of your business offer.

How we can help

If you think we can help you to build your online business presence, please let us know.