JPR is proud of the reputation it has built up over more than 50 years as a leader in construction. Its multi-skilled teams, who work right across the UK, are known for their first class service, expertise and pioneering skills.

So what was their problem? The business had outgrown its identity and needed bringing up to date with a rebrand. JPR also wanted its different services to be clear and obviously part of the parent company. That’s where we stepped in as brand consultants. Let’s tell you how it worked. It was important for us to involve the whole management team because of JPR’s broad service portfolio.

Our first step was a brand review in order to understand the business and see what we were trying to fix. Then we held a brand doctor workshop with the senior team where we agreed to reposition the three main divisions under the name JPR Group. We all thought this idea would work best with a more modern logo symbolised by building blocks to suggest heritage, growth and stability. After the new group logo was signed off, we designed individual logos for each separate division. These were distinct but clearly still part of the JPR brand family.

The rebrand was greeted with great feedback from staff and clients. The senior team felt involved in the process and were very happy with the new brand. But the story goes on. Clearly, this company understands the power of maintaining a strong business identity because JPR signed us as its brand partner.