Max Frank is a successful global company that supplies innovative products and technologies to the construction industry. The building sector is demanding and, therefore, meeting deadlines is critical. But Max Frank is able to respond quickly and flexibly thanks to its 17 subsidiaries around the world. From Stoke to Sydney, this innovative business has helped shape the world we live in for more than 50 years.

So why did they need our help? Max Frank needed to establish brand consistency. You can understand this – given its reach all over the globe and all the ways it markets itself. Max Frank also wanted to work with an agency that could respond quickly, strategically and professionally.

Firstly, we got to know the business, which meant learning all about its products and international clients. Next, we learned to understand the brand – what it stands for and the ethos it is built upon. Max Frank calls it ‘Building Common Ground’. Gradually, we built that common purpose and became a valued member of their marketing team. And, together, we achieved a consistent approach across all the marketing channels. Job done – thanks to our mutual aims and shared values.

As well as delivering global brand consistency, we now work more strategically to deliver powerful and engaging campaigns. You can see some of our work on their website. Ultimately, we’re proud to play our part in building healthy business growth.