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How video storytelling can make a good brand great

Video has become one of the most powerful ways to build brands that win business. It’s now seen as the most effective marketing tool for telling your brand story. Video creates a memorable, emotional connection with your buyer. In fact, 91% of consumers now want to see online video from businesses, according to a study […]

Why you need marketing to build your brand

Your brand creates awareness about your business. Marketing creates a direct connection with your customer. One won’t work without the other, it’s as simple as that! Imagine your brand as the author of a book and marketing as the publisher. Very different roles but totally the same purpose – to tell a story that people […]

Why PR is the driving force behind your brand

You must understand the basics of PR if you want your brand to grab people’s attention and, ultimately, succeed. But, firstly, what do we mean by PR? Let’s focus our attention on some simple definitions that should help.   In simple terms, PR (Public Relations) is about reputation. Every single business that has ever been […]

How to bring your brand to life

We talked about four key ways to bring your brand to life in our last blog. This time, we continue the theme but we’re focusing on something else that’s just as important – your brand story. Every brilliant brand tells a compelling story where its vision, values and distinctive offer connect emotionally with its target […]

Four ways to make your brand live and breathe

If you understand four fundamental things about your business, you can use them to bring your brand to life. That’s why big brands are instantly recognisable. They know: We talked about this in our last blog which might be worth a fresh look before you read on. So, what are the four ways you can […]

Four things you must know when you create your brand

Why do people love the likes of Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s? Even if you don’t love them, you surely respect the power of such globally successful brands. This is all because we buy into their DNA. You know what they stand for, you immediately recognise them, and you feel connected. You already have a story […]

Why creating a healthy workplace must be on your business to-do list

Every business is only as good as its workforce. So, right now, you should be looking after your people as a key priority. If you’re not doing this, then things will only get worse.  Let’s look at the latest statistics on employee satisfaction and, be warned, they’re grim! According to these stats, stress levels are […]

Why effective communication at work is the key to business success

If you want to run a successful business, you must communicate effectively with your staff. This is especially true now given the current challenges of the post-pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine and cost of living crisis. Wellbeing research conducted earlier this year stated that only 33% of UK employees felt they belonged to their organisation. […]

How to keep your staff motivated and engaged in our new world of work

One of the biggest business challenges this year is keeping people on board because the pandemic has left so much collateral damage in its wake. We now know that the world of work has changed completely. HR and internal comms managers are now facing growing issues around staff morale, absence, and loyalty. People are insisting […]